Lost in Paris

Are the directions on the ticket absolute or relative? Does turning left always mean moving west independent of the direction which I am facing?

One hint: the first arrow has a ‘N’ on it but not the others. one is absolute, the other ones are relative

I’m still lost :frowning:
Maybe I took the wrong train?
I should have hopped off at Abbesses right?

Correct ! You got the right stop.

Use Google map for the direction and Google Street view … it should be “obvious”

Looking at your last answer, you are 4 (approximately, don’t take it as absolute) streets too north

If I head north from the station I end up in the enclosed park/square. If I start at Rue des Trois Frères which is further north I don’t seem to get to any place that would fit the “l’atelier”…

you are going too far. You should turn as soon as you can even if it’s a small street, path. There is a small path right above the station. Use google map, not Street view. Use Street view only at the end to navigate in the final street.

Merci. I have found it.

Thanks for a great game, although I am now completely stuck :slight_smile: Going from the station (Abbesses) I end up at Rue Verón but can’t find any L’Atelier there, that the game would accept as an answer. Am I even close?

You are very very very close. I would recommend to use google Street to look at the building from the beginning of the street so you can find the street number ! (your accent is in the wrong place and furthermore you don’t have to use any accents)

Thanks, I found it right away :slight_smile:

Great !
Good luck for the next puzzles :slight_smile: