Knocking On the Door

So if I understand correctly we should populate the chessboard with numbers from 1 to 60 following the notation. The answer is 4 missing numbers in the center. And to figure out the numbers we’re supposed to treat the board as magic square.
I’ve written down the numbers and it doesnt seem to result in a magic square. What am I doing wrong?

Almost… Actually, it’s not a chessboard, it’s another game. What game doesn’t “use” the 4 central squares as part of regular turns?
For the magic square: you are missing an important step. What (or who) is linked to the magic square in the text?

Good luck, this is the last linear puzzle before all the others.

Thank you. I got it.

I think we are very close, but we are confused about the magic square portion

Hello Jakal,

if you can tell me what’s the confusion I might be able to help.

The magic square part refers to a famous person and what it did with a specific magic square

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I am confused about the order in which I would use the numbers we got. We think the game is reversi and we played out the spaces but that gave us 5 total numbers. The person in reference in ben franklin who created the magic square…

it looks like you are very close. The result is a 8 digit numbers.